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ElectroWind Engineering Limited is a sister company of Electrofax Engineering Services (GH) Limited (EES). It was commissioned on 29th September, 2007. The company was set up to undertake fault diagnosis, repair and rewinding of Electrical Motors, Generators and Transformers. Electrofax saw the need for an efficient and affordable rewinding services for the people of Tarkwa and its environs with the primary targets being the mining companies whose use of heavy-duty motors and equipment’s is unequalled by any other industry.

Ever since the establishment of ElectroWind, Goldfields Ghana Ltd has been one of our valued clients whom we have no doubt are very much satisfied with our services. The company repairs and rewinds all sizes of machines having flexible copper conductor windings. This ranges from 0.13kW to 400kW motors. We also undertake repair and rewinding of all sizes of generators.

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